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Welcome to Haneef and Assoc. Intl. Inc. home page, The focus of this company is to offer our clients a variety of different services and products, we also provide a personal affordable PC service for individuals, consumers and small business client. We offer the following services for our clients such as Mobile Technical Support, PC Hardware/Software Installation, Upgrade, security assessment, risk management analysis; Building Custom Notebooks, Desktop PC and Servers, Database Development, Programming and Web Site and Portal Development; Home and Small Business Office Wireless Setup; PC/Notebook/Laptop Setup configuration, Privacy protection consultation and Security Operating System lockdown of your PC/Notebook/Laptop, Excellent Malware, Trojan, Worms, Virus eliminator, Basic One on One PC Training and basic overall technical consultation.

We are a Business Services, Fashion & Image conscious, Health and Environmental product conscious company and we are currently evaluating different products in the marketplace to offer to prospective clients who may be interested in enhancing their life and lifestyle by being earth friendly.


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